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Feels So Good

You think of big dick twinks, Jacob Dixon comes to mind. Taking his nine-incher is something of a right of passage for Helix models. You think of the perfect round, firm, athletic booty, Tyler Hill’s has to be at or near the top of the list. So, Jacob’s long cock probing Tyler’s luscious bubble butt is a no-brainer, and it’s kind of a wonder these two have never hooked up until today. After freeing their hard cocks from the tight confines of their jeans, Jacob has to warm up Tyler’s hole with his tongue so that his endless dick will fit inside. Then he gives Tyler a powerful, deep dicking that has both boys moaning with pleasure until Tyler’s rock-hard dick explodes a load of hot cum over his ripped abs.

Sam gets fucked & fisted like a bitch - Sam Williams & Troy Vara

If you’ve an eye for all things vanilla, then you might find the start of this scene – Troy Vara wrapped up in cling-film like a modern-day Egyptian mummy – just a little bit off-putting. Indeed, for the first couple of minutes you’d be mistaken for assuming that the said youngster might remain in that helpless state for the whole duration of the action – totally subject to the whims and fancies of the ever-horny Sam Williams throughout. The reality, however – and arguably the genius of the entire escapade – is something surprisingly different.

Fantasy Threeway

Taking a break for a quick chat with his mate Gareth, Star of the show Will Jamieson can’t help but drift off to a fantasy world where the office decorator, who just popped in to touch up a few spots, is instantly hard, semi naked and with Gareth getting his cute blond face filled with meat! Decorator Scott soon pushes his suited twink onto Will’s desk, who jumps up, dick in hand and feeds Gareth his own thick dick! As Scott wraps his dick and slides into Gareth, the smooth hole opens gently to take every inch, sliding effortlessly into the horny twink, with Will watching every thrust and his own cock twitching even harder each time! Will shoots an awesome slow-mo cumshot, joined by Gareth and then as both office boys are emptying their own balls, Scott pulls out of Gareth’s gaping hole and shoots his own load all over Gareth’s softening dick.

Crime-scene investigation - Andy Fisher, Erik Franke & Sven Laarson

There’s no escaping the long, strong arm of the law – as young, baby-faced Eric Franke discovers when crack police-officers Sven Laarson and Andy Fisher hunt the blond beauty down in the depths of some Czech basement. What crime he’s committed is never actually revealed, but unless you’re some highly-paid barrister it’s unlikely you’re ever gonna care.

Andrei Karenin & Phillipe Gaudin

The start of our double update for this week really demonstrates the familiarity that our guys develop with each other, in this case it's kind of a 3 way flirtation between Phillipe, Andrei and Marty the director.  In addition to being models, both Andrei and Phillipe have other responsibilities in the company so they are pretty much in constant contact and the friendship that exists between them is put on display here for everyone to see. With his job as production manager Phillipe does not get that many opportunities to step in front of the camera anymore and this scene was his first time in almost a year.  Don't worry he hasn't lost any of his on screen charm and appeal though and we ended up with a fantastic flip-flop scene with him and Andrei Karenin now playing only at BelAmiOnline!